Patient Testimonials




Prescott Courier Sunday August 21, 2016


Kelly Edstrom - Our experience has been the best and I have already referred friends to your office! Thank you

Kaliopey Dandos - Teh pumpkins were magnificent! Everyone of them deserves a prize. The Pooh Bear was marvelous. A personal favorite. Cinderella's coach was exceptional as well. Sully and Oscar up front deserve an honorable mention. I am surprised that there was not a minion in the crowd. As always, your customer service is excellent, warm and friendly.

Marilyn Wedig - Great experience as always

Olivia Laipple - Love you guys

Amanda Mora - You guys are the best

Austin Farnsworth - My boys love coming to the office. Scheduling always works !!

Colton Stockes - My sons teeth and jaw were in bad shape. But now Colton Stockes has a WONDERFUL SMILE!!! We are so excited for him to be able to smile with confidence. Thank you so much, The Stockes Family

Maya Poeppel - Thank you for all that you have done for Maya and our family. Initially, I thought that it would be impossible to afford braces for her, yet your monthly plan has allowed us to do so. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm and relaxing.

Presley Hauptman - Awesome Dr awesome staff and awesome ortho results! Thanks guys!!!!

Noah Harshman - You guys are the best!

Chantel Steves - We are so glad to return to your practice. Chantel was going to move out of state and we had closed out her account with you. When I found out she was returning to here, your office staff was so accommodating and efficient. Thank you so very much

Hanna Peters - It was a quick for Hanna to get her new appliance looked at. Called that morning and in 10 min was seen. Thank you for the mouth wash and the correct toothpaste.

Taylor Lopez - Dr. Fenderson is the BEST!!!!! His staff is AMAZING!!!!!!'!!!!!!!

Max Palazzi - We are very happy with how Max's teeth turned out. Thanks for making this experience enjoyable!

Shawn Scates - We love your place and all of the staff is awesome!

Amanda Mora - he is lots of fun and the greatest person i have ever meant

Patrick Keegan - Every member of the staff has been wonderful. Brianne made us feel welcome right away. Sharon is great at making appointments convenient for us. The kids love the assistants. Sheri was awesome in getting our insurance and payments squared away. We appreciated the time Dr. Fenderson took with us in our initial consultation and making a personal phone call in the evening to see how the kids were doing after their appliances were put in. Cool website. Nothing but good things to say.

Patricia Cantor - All aspects of care, clinical area, and office area are excellent. All of the staff are very professional, warm, friendly, and customer service oriented. Thank are all awesome!

Seth Wiles - Thank you!

Zoey Patten - We have been treated in a very professional and courteous manner and I would recommend Dr. Fenderson to anyone needing orthodontic work.

Emma Beadnell - Have already referred several friends.

Emilee Ellis - We are very pleased the care our daughters recieve and genuine caring nature of all the staff. Thank you. You all really do make a difference in the self esteem of your patients. Great job.

Joseph Littleton - Everyone at Dr. Fenderson's is fantastic, thank you for such a great experience for all three of our children over the past 9 years!

Sierra Mcconnell - Dr. Fenderson's call to my daughter after her braces were put on was very thoughtful. Thanks!

Denise McCracken - The service received was excellent. Dr. Fenderson and his staff are wonderful. Thank you for giving me a nice smile!

Kalista Ouellet - Grow the facial hair Doctor! Thank you to all the Ladies and she has a beautiful smile.

Christine Miller - Always a pleasure to come into the office. The staff is so friendly and fun to converse with. All are very efficient. Kudos to all. See you in June. Thank you.

Marilyn Wedig - All associates were friendly and professional. Very informative every step of the way.

Seth Wiles - Thank you

Will Uniacke - The appointment was on time and the staff were great.

Cailee Morgan - For our last appointment it actually took longer to drive there than it did to get my daughters appointment done with! We were impressed about the time and quality of service....everyone is always so nice!

Amanda Mora - I think Mr. fenderson and the staff are the greatest people i ever ment, and they always made my appt. fun.

Seth Wiles - Thank you so much.

Stephanie DeMello - Excellent job! My daughter has never been this comfortable with dental care! Keep up the good work!

Sierra Mcconnell - We really appreciated Dr. Fenderson's call to check up on our daughter after she had her braces put on. It may seem like such a small thing, but it was reassuring to have that contact and to let us know he was following up on her status. Thank you very much!

Lucia Stoxen - Sharon and Tricia are great. Sharon goes above and beyond for us!

Gabriel Sullivan - I love the appointment reminders I get via email and automated message.

Kalista Ouellet - Thank you to all. Kalista has a beautiful smile and her mouth is functioning properly, which was the focus of care. Thank You!!

Katrina Dotzler - We accidentally showed up an hour early last visit and, as always, you were so accommodating! You always work with us around school and regular dental appointments. I've given your cards to 4 other far! Thank you!

Rebecca Ballard - All 3 of my kids have beautiful teeth bcuz of Dr fred's excelleny care. I recommend u to anybody I can. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you, Jenda Ballard

Kalista Ouellet - Kalista is a beautiful young women, and her mouth is a gorgeous focal point. Less than a week after braces removal I am enjoying getting used to the mouth that I will look at the rest of her life. Great Job! Also an enjoyable experience.

Taylor Lopez - The staff is always friendly and courteous.

Colton Stockes - Coltons teeth look amazing. Thank you so much for fixing his smile! He has so much more confedence now.

We have been going to another Orthodontist and it was an awful experience!! Always waited over 30 minutes in the waiting room, unfriendly staff, never answered the phones or returned my calls!! So after that being said, Dr. Fenderson and his staff are Awesome! I would rate them a 10 out of 10!! Our experience at Dr. Fenderson's office has been awesome! The staff is always friendly and professional. I love that Dr. Fenderson gets on a personal level with his patients, always makes my kids feel good! They are always on time which I love - No Waiting :) They are good to work with our schedules.
Darla Mitchell and Family

Dr. Fenderson and Staff:

I suppose it would be sufficient to drop off the lemon bars, say thanks, and walk out the door. Unfortunately for you, I don't work that way.

As a fireman I live by the customer service I deliver. You do too. After the technical skill for the task at hand, our professionalism and the way we handle customers are the single most important factors in organizational success.

It is important, however, to be judicious and circumspect in the delivery of praise or compliments. Given too infrequently they deny others the earned opportunity to develop the necessary self-esteem and to enjoy the products of their hard and diligent labor. Given too often and we diminish the value of the struggle we all go through to achieve real personal and technical excellence.

There is no turn of phrase or expression of gratitude that I can think of to adequately express my appreciation for everyone in this office. The professionalism and dedication to quality work are really beyond any comparison that I can draw. "Thank you" simply does not cover it.

Anyone can be good at a given job or task. That is the easy part. To achieve real greatness, though, requires teamwork, dedication to the customer, and deep and abiding personal conviction. Rarely have I ever sen a finer display of these qualities than is put on in this office every day.

Never forgot that the work you do is important work. It changes lives in real, measurable, and meaningful ways. I cannot thank you all enough.

Anthony Valley - thank you

Jarrod Winfrey - I NEVER had to wait to get in. Appointments were timely, assistants were friendly, pretty yet professionally dressed (covered up). I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for great service and quality care.

Tyler Benson - Happy New Year to your entire fine staff!

Isabella Sullivan I love the staff at the Prescott office where my children go. They are always friendly and very helpful.

Michael Young - I don't have a single complaint. I'm very happy with the care you provide.

Noah Harshman - Dr. Fenderson and team is wonderful!!!

Slater Krupnick- Excellent office and very kind, friendly staff.

Katlyn Millard - Whom ever did the work on Katy Millard last week, she was very impressed. She felt that the work was done with a lot of care and concern for how she felt while the new brackets were being put on. Thank you, Kim Millard

Ethan Robinson - Love you guys!

Tyler Plumb - Thank you so much for getting both of our children in during the first appointment so we didn't have to wait an hour for her appointment.

Michael Young - As a 34yr old who just got braces your staff put me at ease and made me very comfortable. Your online services and text message appointment reminders make me feel confident that I am getting the most technologically advanced care available. Thanks!

Kalista Ouellet - We really enjoy the friendlyness that your office provides.

Hayley Danner - The staff and the care are Excellent. Thanks!

Josie Blasi - Everyone was very friendly and answered every question

Zach Clark - Thanks for making a new process that could be scary both for our son and for us financially, easy. We appreciate how kind and nice everyone is.

Kade Roberts - Your the best! ! Beautiful work

Courtney Stahley - Dr. Fenderson and his staff are AWESOME!! Actually cant wait for my next daughter to get braces so we can be part of the fun again!!

Brandon Nguyen - Thank you for taking care of our "emergencies".

Austin Collup - Our experience having our son a patient of Dr. Fenderson has been very pleasant and we are so happy with the results.

Olivia Laipple - You all are great!

Noah Eder - You know we love you guys!!

Gloria Vasquez - I appreciate Dr Fenderson for allowing me to come back as a patient again

Chantel Steves - More than a few of my co-workers are already patients of you folks. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of flattery. I have never heard anything but praise for you fine people. I really appreciate all that you are doing for the people of Central Arizona.

Shawn Scates - Love your place =)


Brendan Callahan - Thanks for making fresh coffee...

Kaliopey Dandos - I always recommend FENDERSON. Every conversation with other patients has been 100% positive. When I am in trouble - you are nice and gracious about it. (I am turning and marking on a calendar.) thanks

Amanda Paeselt - Anna is wonderful and helps Amanda feel comfortable!

Francesca Larson - Thank you for squeezing us into you busy day.

Fetu Escoto-Dyke - Dr. Fredrickson is very knowledgable, pleasant and professional.

Tatum Callahan - Thanks for sponsoring the AYSO season...You guys rock! Tim

Shelbie Tubbs - In my opion I feel that everyone Is amazing in what they do! Our experience from the very beginning has been excellent! Thank you for all that you do!

Amanda Paeselt - The assistant that helped Amanda was very kind. We appreciate the assistant and her willingness to take the time and take care of the problem.

Christine Miller - Love your office so comfortable. YOur staff is amazing and friendly, always accomodating. Coming to your office is a way of having just a small amount of time to lay back in the chair and relax. Thanks for putting me on the path to straight teeth.

Shawn Scates - Thank you =)

Chance Hill - New to the area and very happy to have found such a great orthodontist and staff.

Shawn Scates - Thank you for the AWESOME service and friendly staff! =)

Emily Tigchelaar - We are so happy with Emilys braces and will definetly recommend Dr. Fenderson! Thank you so much

Braden Lopez - The staff is amazing and so friendly.

Kaela McMahon - Your staff is amazing and friendly. The payment process was flexible and easy to understand.

Jessyca Colville - Easy and very friendly staff. I tell all my friends about Doc F. Keep up the great work.

Grace Olsen - We had a great experience!

Monica Candela - The staff at your office is amazing, and have worked with us regarding billing since the beginning. We wouldn't be able to do this without your office. We love you guys!

Seth Wiles - Thank you!

Kaliopey Dandos - Always tell everyone, FENDERSON! and the Superb Staff at Prescott Ortho

Julie Jennings - When I meet older people, my age or older, they are so excited to see my braces and are considering doing braces, they thought they were just for younger kids. They know your name, you have a good reputation!!!

Stephen Dennison - YOU ALL ARE AMAZING

Billy Brown - You all are always fantastic!

Christine Miller - You are all amazing, coming to the office is very plesant. Dr. Fred makes you feel like an old friend. Kudos to all the staff. Thank you for making me feel like a person and not just yet another patient for the day. Love the interaction of staff and patients. Thank you

Rachel Irvine - Keep up the good work. Thanks

Anthony Gardner - I am so appreciative of this office! This last "appointment" was to fix a screw that fell out of my son's Herbst appliance. We called, they told us to get there whenever we could, and got us right back after we got there! I'd say we were in and out in probably between 5 and 10 was wonderful!!! Thank you!!!!

Katheryn Goldberg - Dr. Fenderson and his office staff have been the most amazing group of people. I've never had an issue, in fact they are more than willing to help whenever I have a problem. I will be returning for my other children's braces when time comes. I'm so pleased to be a part of this community of people that are treated by this office. Thank you!!

William Newell - Everything has been great. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for all the great service!

Colton Stockes - My sons teeth are coming along nice. Thank you so much

Christine Miller - Kudos to your office staff. What a group of friendly, efficient, welcoming staff members. I was drawn to your office by my inner voice and my choice was spot on. Dr. Fred you are just what I was looking for in my invisalign program. Looking forward to our ongoing relationship. thank you.

Andre Coomer - Although we missed his call, we especially appreciate that Dr. Fenderson personally called to see how Andre was doing on Monday. We are very impressed with the doc and all staff members. Thanks so much!

Chantel Steves - Your office staff and facility are amazing and a good role medel for how patients/clients should be treated. Dr. Fenderson has excellent bedside manner and a very good rapport with his patients. The technology used in the office has certainly streamlined the entire process. Thank you so very much for your excellent care for my granddaughter, and for me as an observer/parent guardian.

Sierra Mcconnell - Thank you for the detailed attention you give to me and my daughter.

Chantel Steves - The entire staff are wonderful! Dr. Fendersen has assembled a fine model for any other customer service business to emulate. Prompt, courteous, friendly and very professional. Thanks for the great work.

Nic Sturdevant - Everyone is so friendly and personable in the office. I apprecitated the personal phone call from Dr. Fenderson to see how my child was after just having braces put on.

Koby Brown - Thank you Dr. Fenderson and staff! We appreciate your excellent care! Krista Brown

Rachel Kahl - Your office staff is wonderfull and plesant & professional when I come in. Dr Fenderson shows he cares about each of his patients. I never feel rushed to get on to the next patient. Thanks so much for being here.

Matthew Bahl - You all made my son's experience with braces great! I would tell everyone I know about you!

Andre Coomer - The experience from when you walk in the door to when you leave is great.

Callie Pehl - Callie's teeth look amazing!!!! Her smile is exceptional and getting used all day!!! You have done a great job with her and 3 of my other kids smiles as well. We really appreciate you and all you do for your patience!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Dax Laone - We love your office, staff, and you!!! Merry Christmas!

Amberle Lay - Thank You for my daughters beautiful smile!!!!

Brooke Skipper - I have been very pleased with the care that my daughter has received during her orthodontic treatment. Everyone at Dr. Fenderson's office has been very kind to our family. We will return to Dr. Fenderson's when our son needs braces. Being a dental hygienist, I ALWAYS refer my patients to Dr. Fenderson for orthodontic treatment!

Kyra Mastin - I have never had braces nor has my husband or my sister. I didn't know what to expect. I was very suprised and very pleased. Kyra is my youngest of 3 girls and the only one needing braces and I'm very glad I came to your office. Thank You!!

Maddie Coury - we love dr. fenderson and his fabulous staff!!

Sarah Nguyen - The staff was very courteous and made my daughter feel very comfortable. Dr. Fenderson was very gentle and took time to explain to Sarah about what to expect when she got her braces on. The same day phone call to ask about how Sarah was doing was very much appreciated. We had a very pleasant experience and would definitely recommend Dr. Fenderson to anyone who needs orthodontic care. Thank you!

Zachary Nicholson - Everyone on your staff is so welcoming and genuine. It is such a pleasure having a doctor that cares. My son just loves you guys.

Julie Jennings - Always a pleasant experience.

Jessyca Colville - You guy rock. Keep up the good work.

Ryan Greene - The girls/staff have been great and very friendly!

Shea Kirby - Love the staff! I suppose Dr. Fenderson is pretty cool too.

Julie Jennings - Everyone at the office is upbeat and full of SMILES!!

Hayley Danner - Everyone is always so friendly. The staff is excellent at their jobs. Thanks!

Alyssa Wasil - You guys have always been exceptional!!! Thank you!

Bryn Kirby - Weeee luuuuvvvv youuuuu!

Kelsey Tubbs - Thanks for all you do are making a difference in my childs life.

Mark Mauldin - Keep it up! You guys are the very best!

Janet Binney - Everyone was very friendly and made you feel at ease. Thank you!!!!

Breanna Muncy - I always enjoy coming, everyone is very friendly.

Hayley Danner - Always GREAT!

Gema Arrieta - Thank you so very much with helping Gema with her dental care. You are a wonderful person, Dr. Fenderson, and we very much appreciate your generosity and kindness. Deborah & Bob Balzano Gema's "Bigs"

Mikayla Sell - Mikayla loves the entire staff and actually looks forward to coming to her appointments. Job well done!

Karis Dandos - I always recommend your office. I appreciate the long term approach that has watched and tracked the growth and development of each of my children.

Emily Kallaher - All of the staff are really fun to be around. They keep you smilin'. Everyone is always so warm and caring, they make you feel at home.


Joanna Marquardt -We love coming to the orthodontist to see the staff and have fun with them! It is always an enjoyable time for all.

Chris Viterbo - Always nice seeing everyone in your Office. You Do a great Job. Thanks for pulling my Splinter out.Lol Chris

Justin Nardone - I was surprised with the short waiting time. And I was extremely impressed with the time spent with us; we never felt rushed. Overall, it was a very positive experience.

Mark Mauldin - I love you guys! I don't care so much for braces but, hey! If you gotta have em, you guys are the ones to take care of them!

Karis Dandos - The long term care, watching for 3 years, before appliances has convinced me that Dr. Fenderson's approach is the best in town. I look forward to the final results in each of my kids in the next 10 years.

Saigayatri (sie-gie-a-tree) Darira - Excellento

Saiarchana Darira - Even if we do not do a survey, you all are excellent

Kylee Donahue - Thank you

Shane Burchard - Penni makes the best retainers ever, and Sharon is the best retainer fitter in the business!!!

Austin Collup - It has been a pleasure being a client of Dr. Fenderson. We would highly recommend him to our friends and family. Sincerely, The Collup Family

Sunshine Setzer - When we first had our visit my son Joe Petersen’s father said that he never knew he would be so comfortable in a Dentist office. So here we stay!

Kylee Donahue - Thank you

Shane Burchard - Penni makes the best retainers ever, and Sharon is the best retainer fitter in the business!!!

Austin Collup - It has been a pleasure being a client of Dr. Fenderson. We would highly recommend him to our friends and family. Sincerely, The Collup Family

Julie Jennings - Even though I have just started the process, I have been very pleased with the level of service and care. Thanks to a great staff!!!

Mark Mauldin - What's to say? You guys (gals) are the absolute best!

Jordan Ramirez - My son Jordan enjoys going to the orthodontist. Thanks for everything.

Ryan Wrubel - Ryan's main comment about his experience was that he didn't think that Dr. Fenderson wasn't like a real dentist because he was so nice. He said that he had never been made to feel so comfortable since our move to Arizona.

Hayley Danner - Always Great!

Mark Mauldin - What's to say? You guys (gals) are the absolute best!

Shayne Scates - I always spread the word of your awesome care and staff when "DENTAL TALK" comes about! Thank you for everything, Shawmma Scates

Nick Berardi - Thanks....very happy....Nicks teeth look great!

Alex Dickinson - Always in and out quickly. Love how they make the kids involved with their care.

Jacob Roush - New patients, but very happy with the service so far!

Isaak Garasha - Your office has a fun and laid back atmosphere without compromising quality or excellence. I always enjoy coming to your office. Thanks!

Mark Mauldin - You guys are the best! Your staff is friendly, courteous, professional, you name it. I cannot remember a place where I have been treated as well. I recommend everyone to you guys. Keep it up!

Andrew Victor - We are very pleased with all aspects of your office. The most important thing is that you all make my son feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank You!! Sheree Victor

Cameron Mackenzie - Always a great experience!

James Zurow - You guys are awesome. Thanks for all you do.

Jacob Manchester - every one on the team is the best!!!

Amber Wiles - Thank You!

Callie Pehl - With only a few weeks left of our daughters treatment with you, we will be sad to not have the fun interaction, great service and quality you and your staff have always provided!!! BUT with 4 "kids" that have amazing smiles thanks to all of you we will be reminded constantly of your good works and the fun we had during the process.

Jade West - the best team ever we absolutly love all of you

Joseph Littleton - Dr Fenderson and his staff are absolutely brilliant with both my children and I. He and his staff not only educate the kids on their treatment but takes the time to explain things clearly to the parents. Would I recommend him, Heck yeah!!!!

Nicole Wongmanee - We arrived early for Nicole's appointment and were delighted that Nicole was taken right away. Good Job. I really like the email reminder about the appointment is is very professional and a time saver. Thank you

Mark Mauldin - Absolutely fantastic!

Amber Wiles - Thank you so much for the service that my Granddaughter is getting

Chaya Webb - I appreciated the call that dr F. gave us the night that Chaya had her braces and expander placed.

Zachary Potts - Wonderful office staff, and the kids love it there. Keep up the good work!

Timothy Young Jr. - I love how everyone remembers us and talks to my children. They always feel comfortable.

Reagan Sensmeier - Thanks for taking such good care of Reagan

Aspyn Walters - Like everyone else right now, we are struggling to make ends meet, but having proper orthodontic care for my daughters is extremely important to me. The fact that you all have been so accomodating with the payment schedule is huge and at no point has Cheri or Briana ever made me feel uncomfortable about our situation and I greatly appreciate that. The office staff is ALWAYS nice,the back staff has answered numerous questions for me and Dr Fenderson has nevr failed to call..Im impressed!

Callie Pehl - Again I will give your office great praise!!!! I do recommend you to anyone who talks to me about getting ortho treatment. So much more has come from my children's beautiful smiles, thanks to your office. Their experience with all of you made it an actual pleasure to go in for their appts. Like having a cheering section in their go beyond your call when dealing with your patients. Thank You ALL for the smiles, that you gave to and created for our family. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Donna Morrissey - Love the PV location, enjoy not having to drive into Prescott to for the same great service. Keep up the good work!

Kacey Johnson - I would like to thank everyone at Dr. Fenderson's office for their hospitatility and patience with the Johnson's. We will miss each and one of you! Cole enjoyed it so much he is considering a career in orthodontics so when Dr Fenderson is ready to retire he could take over.

Tyler Hixon - Thank you too the staff and the doctor for being so patient with our son he was so nervous getting his braces on. Once it was all done he was able to say it wasn't so bad!!

Jeff Malone - We love Dr. Fendy and his staff. We could not be happier with Jeffrey's outcome. His teeth look so AMAZING! What a difference!

George Peter Rizk - You have a great office, well run, organized, clean and knowledgeably. I was/am very impressed. Lola Rizk

Nick Berardi - I didn't think I could convince my boys to get braces their senior year--but it was your staff that made it happen. Thanks.

Donna Morrissey - Really enjoyed the new Prescott Valley location. It is incredibly convenient and hope to go their more often.

Hayley Danner - Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Hayley Danner - Always a great visit!

Andrew Victor - We are very happy we chose your practice for our son's orthodontic needs. He too is very comfortable there and that is very important to me.

Grace Padilla - Thank you for seeing us unexpectedly and helping us figure out the expander key turning. I was a nervous wreck and you really came through for me! Grace is doing terrific.

Carly Drentlaw - Your office was very clean and organized and one of the nicest offices I've ever had the privelege of visiting. Your staff was friendly and very helpful and I look forward to returning to you for my dental care.

Mikayla Sell - Very pleased so far with the process. Thanks!

Molly Hohrein - I love that everyone is so cheery and happy - and have a sense of humor!

Heather Moyer - You have a great office and staff!!

Hannah Obrien - The condolence card you gave our family was very thoughtful...thanks! And thanks for always having time to see the kids whenever they need you - we appreciate how helpful and courteous your staff is!

Holly Beaupre - Thank you Dr. Fenderson for your phone call inquiring about how my daughter Holly was feeling the evening she had her braces put on. That small touch made us feel very welcome to the community, and very well cared for. We look forward to the superb orthodontic care you and your staff will provide us in the upcoming years.

Tori McDowell - I'm always impressed by the courteous staff and wonderful care at your office. You are wonderful!!

Joshua Pagliasotti - I am certainly glad my treatment is complete, but I will miss spending time in your lovely office. My teeth look great too.

Micah Smith - Everyone has been more than wonderful to work with. I so appreciate the friendly, warm, and kind atmosphere that you provide.

Amberle Lay - Amber is always comfortable there!!! Will definitely refer a friend!!!

Alex Astorga - Everyone is always so nice and Dr. Fendy is ok too!

Ryan Cuthbertson - Love the new office. Thank you for being so caring and friendly to both of our boys during the treatment. They are not fearful about going to appointments which is a BIG thing!

Hannah Obrien - The condolence card you gave our family was very thoughtful...thanks! And thanks for always having time to see the kids whenever they need you - we appreciate how helpful and courteous your staff is!

Holly Beaupre - Thank you, Dr. Fenderson, for your phone call inquiring about how my daughter Holly was feeling the evening she had her braces put on. That small touch made us feel very welcome to the community, and very well cared for. We look forward to the superb orthodontic care you and your staff will provide us in the upcoming years.

Tori McDowell - I'm always impressed by the courteous staff and wonderful care at your office. You are wonderful!!

Joshua Pagliasotti - I am certainly glad my treatment is complete, but I will miss spending time in your lovely office. My teeth look great, too.

Ryan Cuthbertson - Love the new office. Thank you for being so caring and friendly to both of our boys during the treatment. They are not fearful about going to appointments which is a BIG thing!

Micah Smith - You have an extremely friendly office. I always feel so welcomed. Thank you.

Matthew Bahl - You guys are great. You make it a pleasant experience for parents and kids alike. Everything is straightforward and so friendly! Keep up the great job! You are the best!!!

Dax Laone - Dr. Fenderson is an amazing doctor and a very kid-friendly person. The staff members are not only very nice people, they are beautiful too.

Hayley Danner - You all ROCK!

Hayley Feipel - Everyone is always pleasant and professional when we come in. Recently my daughter had a problem with her spacer bar. We called and got an appointment the same day. When we go there we got right in and everything was fixed. I definitely recommend Dr. Fenderson's office.

Angelica Cunningham - Everyone in the office is helpful. If the question asked does not pertain to their position they don't just pass you off they will find out the answer and make sure you see who it is you need to so that you get your question answered thoroughly. Thank you very much for all your care.

Jacob Parkinson - We have been extremely pleased with the care our son Jacob has received. We would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone in need of orthodontic care.

Summer Reynolds - All your staff are very friendly. Even when I call I get very friendly service and at the consultation the orthodontist won me over explaining everything perfect++


Will Wagner - Love Dr. Fenderson and all his staff. Very professional!!!

Stacy Holyfield - You have made a dreaded process go by smoothly and I have high hopes that in another six months or so... I'll be very satisfied with my new smile! All of the extra little things that you do really make a difference. (Examples: flexible appointment times, polishing stains from the teeth, slipping me in for quick little adjustments that relieve any discomfort, and even sending x-rays to my dentist!) Thanks! I'm glad I chose you!!

Andrew - I love that we never wait.

Ben Auer - Wonderful experience. You have transformed my son's mouth. His confidence in himself has improved dramatically and I believe it is related to his wonderful smile. I especially like the fact that after the first appointment to discuss finances we never had to go over that again. It was truly all-inclusive and automatically withdrawn. Thanks for a great experience.

Cortland Wise - We want to thank Dr. Fenderson and his staff for the wonderful service & care they provided over the last few years! Your enthusiasm and love of what you do definitely made my son’s orthodontic experience a fantastic one. I tell everyone I know that your office is the ONLY place to go for braces.

Eliza Griest - Thank you for asking for my opinion; I have been doing business with you since Dr. Hicks and the quality of service has never been below standard. I actually enjoy going to my appointments because everybody is so friendly and they all do a great job. I have never hoped "not to get that one again". Dr. Fenderson is also very friendly and makes you feel at ease. There have been 5 of us in braces - 2 of my children were with Dr. Hicks, then my third child started with Dr. Hicks and transitioned.

Muaad Kholi - The staff always has positive energy, which makes the visit very easy. And the Doctor is just excellent!

Autumn Dominguez - Awesome, friendly, helpful staff! Very accommodating to our emergency needs. Dr Fenderson always follows up with a personal call to check on our child after procedures-thank you, we appreciate this. Our child has adjusted well to all of the procedures needed. Keep up the great job!

Kalista Ouellet - The ladies are real nice and I feel welcome being there and always look forward to the appointment time. Thank you so much for all you do and I can't wait to see my daughter's new smile 3 years from now.

Sabrey Davis - Thanks for keeping your office friendly and inviting. It is a comfortable environment for both parent and child.

Kara Moore - I have never known a doctor's office to be run so efficiently. You're all doing it right - thank you.

Klara Kottke - Coming to your office is wonderful! We love the results of our daughter’s teeth. It is like going to Disney World. Fun! Fun! Fun!!

Bianca Giambanco - By Far the nicest office with the friendliest staff.

Sandy Ramsay - Hi to all of you at the office I just wanted to again thank you for the care you have given to our Jack. What could have been a bit of a tough time for him has been made very easy by you all. He even looks forward to his visits, not just because of the games you have but because you and your team make him feel as important as any patient should feel. We all look forward to our many years with your office as remember we have two more to be coming soon to you!

Caleigh Howard - We are pleased with the results of our daughter's orthodontic care. Everything went as promised. We are delighted!

Bob and Judy Carlisi - My wife and I want to truly thank you for the exceptional, reliable and professional service we have received from your office. It has been a sincere pleasure to have our sons go to appointments with your friendly assistants and everything from the first visit has been "top shelve" care. Our individual needs have always been addressed in a respectful way. Especially the consult that was conducted with Brianne and the Dr. Fenderson was orchestrated to answer our questions and refine the treatment choices. We are grateful for your care and are proud to recommend your office.