Our Mission

We provide the highest quality orthodontic care (deemed a value by the patient), utilizing the most technologically advanced equipment, materials and techniques, allowing our practice to complete your care in the most efficient manner possible. We hope you enjoy the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere we provide; it is the result of our dedication to superior care for you. In our constant effort to set ourselves apart, we offer the following conveniences:

  • During your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Fenderson will send progress letters to you and your family dentist. He will also present a consultation report to your family dentist to inform him or her of his findings and treatment recommendations, as well as informing them of your completion.
  • For those patients not ready to begin treatment, Dr. Fenderson will continue to monitor their development through periodic exams in our “Growth & Guidance” program.
  • We believe early treatment should benefit the patient clinically, and the parent financially; therefore, we only recommend treatment when it is absolutely necessary.
  • We offer convenient payment arrangements and will bill most insurance companies.
  • We offer the most comprehensive initial orthodontic examination.
  • We allow local school children to tour our office and we routinely provide dental and orthodontic screenings to individual schools upon request.
  • We use timed, age appropriate orthodontic care.
  • Dr. Fenderson has treated thousands of patients, each with individual care and attention.
  • We have invested in advanced systems that allow us to serve our patients more efficiently. These include automated patient sign-in, automated appointment confirmation, digital imaging and interactive patient education software.
  • We continue to adopt advanced technologies and are committed to offering the best treatment methods available.
  • We offer a choice of clear (additional fees may apply), gold or stainless steel braces(colored elastics are available for all types).
  • For mature teens and adults, we offer Invisalign® (when treatment allows). We are the top certified provider of Invisalign in Yavapai County. We have the experience and expertise to provide you and your family with optimal results.
  • We use clear retainers whenever possible.
  • We provide the most recent technology in dental/DNA identification for children with the use of toothprints.
  • We have contests with awesome giveaway prizes (all we have to do is draw your name)!

We are committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic care in a family based state-of-the-art practice. We want to thank you for choosing us and encourage you to bring us any questions or concerns you may have.